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German Shepherd Puppies, Chicago
I am pleased to be the new owner of Xara Leptac, who is expecting a litter of puppies sired by Orion z Jirkova dvora. This breeding was planned and conducted in the Czech Republic, by Jiri Novotny and Jinopo, and Xara was imported with the aid of Hans Blabla, though Alpine K9 in Arizona.
Xara in now in the Chicago area, and we are accepting limited reservations on her anticipated puppies:

Xara Leptac
x Orion z Jirkova dvora

Dam: Xara Leptac 

XARA Leptac, DOB September 26. 2009, elbows: 0/0, hips: 0/0.

DESCRIPTION: XARA is a large strong female with imposing body conformation and great balanced temperament. XARA has very good social behavior, she was raised in a kennel but she is comfortable moving around inside the house. She is great around children. XARA has basic obedience both on and off leash. Her protection is real. She bites inside and outside buildings on sleeve, bite suite and also hiddne sleeve. XARA has very good territorial guarding.

SUITABILITY: XARA is especially suitable for family/personal protection.





Sire: ORION z Jirkova dvora

Status:Not for Sale
ORION z Jirkova dvora






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